Refund Policy

Designed overview of the Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

The Research Pros will continue to deliver quality services to the consumers, and in the event of a severe problem or dissatisfaction, they may request a refund under the terms and circumstances listed below.

For our clients, we have created an appropriate money return policy, which is detailed below. Before submitting a claim, please read our money return policy. The following are the policy’s key points:


Our first objective is to provide the essays and assignments on time. We make certain that the work is delivered to the client by the deadline. However, there is a chance that there may be a malfunction and that delivery will be delayed once in a blue moon. If you’re having trouble with late deliveries, contact our customer service staff to talk about it. There is always a legitimate cause for a delay in order submission, but when the cause isn’t legitimate, we don’t hesitate to offer a refund.

If your deadline has past and the research pros has been of no value to you, we will offer you a full refund or shop credit. Please keep in mind that this should be relevant to the deadline you choose when making an order.

If, on the other hand, you used a custom paper and submitted it after the deadline and the instructor has deducted a few marks, only a portion of the entire money will be repaid. In such scenario, you'll also have to provide us documentation of a grade reduction due to late submission.

LOW QUALITY PAPER – QUALITY OF THE PAPER IS NOT ACCORDING TO THE STANDARD REQUIREMENTS Our papers are always of the highest quality, but if they aren’t, we provide a revision option. You will have to have the paper updated, and if we correct all of the issues, we will not be able to provide a refund. Otherwise, the claim will be accepted if one or more of the following conditions are met.

The whole paper is plagiarised. Despite the fact that we verify all of our writings using Turnitin, if you can prove it to us and the evidence is real, please allow us to rewrite. We will offer you a full refund* or shop credit if the deadline does not allow for adjustment.

The paper quality does not meet the client's requirements. To begin, we have a team of qualified tutors who meticulously work according to the specified criteria; nevertheless, if there is a problem with the paper, we encourage our customers to use the free revision/redo choices until they are satisfied. We provide limitless free revisions for the first four weeks, after which no refunds will be given. If the customer is still unhappy after the changes, our quality assurance staff will examine the work and determine the correct amount to return. If the paper has already been submitted, there will be no return.

It is the customer's obligation to examine the quality of the draughts and contact us immediately in the case of orders where the client is given the draughts. If the reported problem is not resolved in the final document and has harmed the overall quality, a refund will be issued. There will be no reimbursement if the concerns are not reported from the beginning and are brought up at the conclusion for a refund.

NON - DELIVERY – IN CASE THE CLIENT DID NOT RECEIVE THE COMPLETED PAPER Although this is a rare occurrence, if the client has not received the finished purchase and the customer care staff has also failed to reply for two full business days, the client may request a full refund or store credit.

WRONG CHARGES – ANY TECHNICAL ISSUE CONCERNING THE PAYMENTS There may be technological issues that result in the customer receiving a duplicate or extra payment.

If a client receives a double or needless extra charge, they should immediately notify the customer support staff and provide evidence of two receipts so that we may provide a complete refund of the excess amount. The fault is almost always with the payment business, and the customer will be recommended to rectify the issue with the firm to prevent future duplicate deductions.


If you make an order and then change your mind, you may only cancel it within the following 24 hours after placing it. If the writer has begun working on it, you must continue working on it. If you cancel your purchase within the specified time frame, you may get a full refund or shop credit. You may also place an immediate order for any other form of assignment of the same value.


It is not feasible to achieve an A plus on your paper and expect us to guarantee it. We promise to provide a high-quality paper with flawless formatting, language, and structure, but we cannot guarantee a certain mark since it is entirely dependent on the student’s overall performance during the semester and term.


To begin with, due to the high quality and professional capabilities of our writers, it is impossible for you to fail the assignment that we supply. In the unlikely event that you fail, you must request a refund within the following three weeks. The time period begins on the day of your submission, and if you can show us evidence of failure, we’ll give you a 50% refund since the authors are paid in advance, and it’s difficult to get their money back. Any evidence or claim received after the three-week timeframe will be ignored.


REFUND CLAIM METHOD In the event of a refund request or a disagreement over a double charge, the client must contact our customer service staff promptly so that we may take the required steps. The claim must be submitted within three weeks of the document being delivered to you. We strongly prevent our clients from involving any other parties, such as their credit card company, or the police.


The refund period is the amount of time you have to file a refund claim. Three weeks is the return period. The refund term begins on the day of the client’s purchase deadline and ends three weeks later on the final day of the subsequent three weeks. Any claim submitted after the reimbursement period has expired will be rejected.


Chargeback is strictly prohibited by The clients are requested to reach out to our friendly customer support team to resolve any sort of dispute. In the case of chargeback, the client will be marked as fraudulent on our systems. Furthermore, if we suspect any individual taking wrongful advantage of our services, we reserve the right to take legal actions.


The QAD will investigate the order and give reports to authorise in a minimum of 48 hours and once the case is process the refund will take 30-45 working days to reflect in the clients account or card. Clients are asked to be patient and allow the teams to complete their task. The money will be paid within the following 30-45 working days once the refund has been accepted.

Refunds are only given if all of the aforementioned terms and conditions are met and the case is approved by the Quality Assurance Department. 50-70% percent of the money paid is refunded in full. The transaction cost paid to the payment Gateway Company, plus service costs, are deducted at 30-50%

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